Welcome to the 200 Year Old House in Early Springtime

Springtime Clutter

For almost forty years, we've been living in a 200 year old terraced cottage in a small village in Scotland, and for a while now, I've been thinking about blogging about it all. Some time last year, I actually started a blog on another platform, but its unfamiliarity got in the way. Besides, I want to be able to write regular posts of differing lengths, depending on the time available, and without having to think about it all too much.

I already have my writing blog here on Blogger so I thought I might as well stick with this platform, since it allows me to do exactly what I want with very little extra trouble. This will be a blog about the triumphs and tribulations of owning, living in and the ongoing process of renovating a much loved but very old house. This isn't a huge house, nor are we wealthy. What writer married to an artist is ever wealthy? But we do have half a lifetime's experience of dealing with and loving this quirky old property, some of which I'd like to share with you.

As well as writing fiction and non fiction, historical and contemporary, I also deal in antiques, from a couple of online stores called - strangely enough - The 200 Year Old House. My main interest is in textiles, and various textile related items, mostly with a Scottish or Irish provenance, and many of these things find their way into my fiction. My hobby is, naturally, gardening, although sometimes these days it seems more like hard work. But I do love it, and I do seem to be able to make things grow.

That's all for starters. Watch this space for more posts about the house, the garden, my textiles, my interiors, and all kinds of other things that might be helpful to you if you are dreaming about living in an old house in the country, or already do live in an old house in the country. Maybe some of our countless mistakes and steep learning curves will be of help to you in the future!